2 comments on ““Culture or Economics? Why Eugene Robinson is Wrong About Paul Ryan”

  1. I agree and was disheartened by Robinson’s column as well. He also exonerated hip hop music as a negative influence by pointing out that “affluent suburban white kids” listen to it and do not succumb to the social pathologies of the poor. To this, I would respond that these kids have something vital at home that most poor kids today do not–a responsible male role model. As my 23-year-old son pointed out, “I listen to hip hop, but that’s not my world, and rappers aren’t my role models. I learned how to be a man by watching Dad.” As a volunteer who works daily with the very poor, I believe without a doubt that poverty in the US will be substantially reduced only when illegitimacy is called out as the culprit–and crime against children– that it is. I’m not holding my breath.

    • Thank you, Lori, for your thoughtful comments! My wife always says that until the hip-hop goes, the problems will remain. But you’re right — it’s the lack of a male role model/authority figure in the home that is the real culprit. Btw, I received some very hateful responses for some other pieces I wrote recently, so your comments made my day! Keep up your good work!

      All the best,

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